I’m Allyson

When people tell me about feeling anxious and worried, I totally get it. I know the feeling of a racing heart and sweaty palms. The panicked thought, “everyone is looking at me” is a familiar one. I know what it’s like to avoid important things, procrastinate, and miss deadlines because the worried thoughts won’t stop swirling in your head.

As a child and teenager, my avoidance and disorganization drove my parents crazy. They were often at their wits end because they knew I was capable, even as they watched me struggle to accomplish my goals. They banged their heads against the wall trying to motivate me to reach my potential. 

My struggle continued into adulthood. When I was 25 I wanted nothing more than to go to graduate school. I wanted to pursue my dreams of becoming a therapist and owning my own business. But anxiety took over again, and I was convinced I would never be successful. My dread of the future reached such a point that I knew I had to reach out for help. I knew I needed more support, and I finally made the call to a therapist. The decision to go to therapy changed the trajectory of my life forever. 

I’ll Help You and Your Child Find Answers

By going to therapy, I empowered myself to live my best and most fulfilling life.

  • I learned to slow myself down. I became less reactive
  • I stopped avoiding and started putting my energy into things that mattered to me
  • I learned that I am smart, competent, and capable
  • I learned to have compassion for myself and to love myself

If I had been able to recognize anxiety for what it was earlier in my life, I wouldn’t have had this uphill battle. I would have gotten the help and support I needed sooner. 

I believe you (or your child) can thrive. You can stop living life based on avoidance, and finally put your effort into what you care about. I can help you live your best life.

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